Cloud – the Next Step in IT Evolution

In the second of his five-part series, Eric Strause discusses the user and technology changes in the IT world that make cloud computing the next step in an evolutionary process.

So today we’re going to talk about why Cloud is here and why Cloud is happening now.

IT is an evolutionary process, and it changes as technology advances, and it also changes as users demand and expect more from the network. If you look at the environment today, there have been a number of technological advancements as well as user changes that are being called upon.

From the user perspective we’ve certainly seen the large scale adoption of mobile devices. We’re seeing the change of people’s work and life balance, their constantly connected lifestyle. We’re seeing that business owners are increasingly reliant on their IT services — they’re asking more as a business owner; they’re asking more from IT.

Each generation pushes the boundaries of how IT is consumed and how they’re able to expand and explore new ways to consume IT as they move forward.

From a technology perspective, we’ve seen virtualization technologies increase, and what that’s doing is that’s driving up the utilization of server assets.

We’re seeing the improvements in bandwidth and infrastructure. Obviously today, ten years down the road, we have much better infrastructure and availablility, high availability networks in far more remote places than we once did.

We’ve also seen technical advancement as it relates to the ability to move applications over large distances. If you look back in time, we would move from a mainframe to a very distributed network, and now we’re sort of seeing and marrying up the benefits of both of those, and that’s really what cloud computing is bringing to the table.

And the last piece we’re certainly seeing from a technology perspective is the mobile devices themselves, and tablet computing, and tablet PC’s that are hitting the market place now.

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