Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010 Server’s Archive Feature

One of the major new features of Exchange 2010 is the ability to provide an alternative to PST files to users in the form of an Archive folder which, depending on the version of Exchange server, can either be on the same server as the user mailbox, another Exchange 2010 server with less expensive storage, or as part of a cloud hosted solution. This feature initially was only available to users whose mailboxes were on Exchange 2010 and who were using Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web App. In December of this year a cumulative update for Office 2007 was announced that would provide Archive folder support. Unfortunately the fix didn’t work as anticipated. Well a fix to the fix is out and available for Microsoft.

Now while all of this is relatively good news to people who need to use Outlook 2007, it is important to understand that Outlook 2010 will give you all of the features of Exchange 2010 while Outlook 2007, for now, may not.  Two perhaps important features are:

  • Search across primary and archive mailboxes: When a user searches the primary mailbox and selects All Mailbox Items, Outlook does not search the archive mailbox. Similarly, when the user searches the archive mailbox, the primary mailbox is not searched.
  • Archive policies: In Outlook 2007, users can’t use personal tags (also known as archive policies) to move items to the archive mailbox. Any default archive policies for the mailbox continue to be applied. Users can use Outlook Web App to see or apply archive policies.

Again, your requirements may vary so test carefully.

Originally published on Ted’s blog, A Chatham Techie

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