SCCM Package Deployment and SCOM Integration

A student recently asked about SCCM package deployment and SCOM integration. The question had to do with the package option of suppressing SCOM notifications. If SCOM is suppressed, shouldn’t that fact cause alerts to be generated? The answer was somewhat surprising. According to Microsoft, what happens to the SCOM agent is that its health service is paused and not turned off, so if anything was going on there would be a delay in the notification, but the notification of any events would still get to the management server. Link to the topic.

Now while I was researching this subject I found an alternate approach to dealing with SCOM alerts and SCCM package deployments. This strategy uses WMI to pull GUID information from SCCM, identify SCCM maintenance windows, and set up groups in SCOM and align the maintenance windows between the two products making for a more consistent solution. Interesting article that can be found here

Originally published on Ted’s blog, A Chatham Techie

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