Waiting On Suppliers

Ever have to wait for a supplier to get back to you or to get something done? Ever wonder why they don’t give you a reason for the delay? I’ve been waiting for a software update for 3 weeks. I know they’re busy, short-staffed, and running behind… but 3 weeks?

There’s no word from them; no apologies, no letting me know they didn’t forget about me. Being dependent on an outside supplier can be very frustrating, and I started trying to figure out how to bypass them already.

I’m going to their manager to let them know this critical update needs to be done soon. It holds me back from the next phase of my project: quality testing and assurance. Thankfully there was wiggle room in the project schedule, but it’s gone now. It’s time to get some action going and get something done so we can move on to the next phase.

Have you ever had to wait for someone else before you could move on with your project? What did you do to get them on task?

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