Interested in Becoming VMware VCP Certified?

If you’ve considered becoming a VMware Certified Professional in the new vSphere 4.x datacenter product line (VCP4), then you decided to join the currently hottest technology trend: virtualization.

Since forming in 1998, VMware has been the industry leader in virtualization and the primary innovator of technologies that made it possible to even consider “cloud computing”. Therefore, you can be assured that a VMware certification will not only carry a lot of weight, but it’ll also be relevant and applicable for a long, long time.

The VCP4 exam is VMware’s entry-level certification. In order to become VCP4 certified, you must:

  • Attend one of the following courses (NOTE:  VMware is unique within the industry in that they require you to first attend one of these courses before qualifying to take the certification exam.  By doing this, it is VMware’s goal to maintain the integrity of the certification to ensure that you are exposed to the technologies and were given the opportunity to gain the very important hand’s on experience needed to pass the exam.):
  • Pass the VCP-410 certification exam.  In order to do this:
    • Download and review the VCP4 exam blueprint.
    • Go to, create a user account, and add VMware to the list of vendors you plan to test with.
    • Select the VCP410 exam as shown here (NOTE: Unless you are an Instructor or previously certified as a VCP3, this is the only exam you should choose.):

      • NOTE:  Unless you are an Instructor or previously certified as a VCP3, this is the only exam you should choose.
    • The exam is currently priced at $175.00, but, as with all vendors, is subject to change. In my experience however, I’ve rarely seen prices change outside of moving to a new version of the exam, so this price should remain consistent for the current VCP-410 exam.
    • Take and pass the exam. The passing score is 300 out of a possible 500 points. Be sure to bring two forms of ID containing your signature to the testing center and arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can sign in, verify your identity, and get your photo taken.

Where to go from here?
After becoming an officially-certified VMware VCP4, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits and prestige that comes with obtaining this challenging and rewarding certification. With this certification, your peers, employers, and prospective employers will all be assured that you have proven technical proficiency in the very technology that’s shaping how business computing is defined.

VMware also offers Advanced and Expert-level certifications. For more information regarding these certifications, access these links:

Again, congratulations on your interest and desire to join the exciting world of virtualization and I can’t wait to see one or more of these certifications sitting comfortably in your signature block very soon!

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