Sharepoint 2010 Interface Improvements

Microsoft made several significant improvements to the SharePoint 2010 interface, including changes to design elements, adding new features, and improving existing ones, which, I believe  will be key to it dominating the market. In many cases what used to take 15 minutes and several clicks can now be done in a minute or two thanks to the more user-friendly interface. Check out this cheat sheet from the sharepoint analyst hq for details on some of the changes.

One such improvement is the Ribbon feature. Microsoft designed the page so that the Ribbon is always visible even if you scroll down on the page. In addition, the new version of the Ribbon grays out any unavailable options while leaving them still visible. Earlier versions hid the unavailable options, which made it  difficult to know where particular features existed.

What aspects of SharePoint 2010 do you think are the biggest improvement over earlier releases?

Author: Mohamed Hassaan

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