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When I teach a class, many times students ask me for my favorite SQL web site. My answer is always the same, SQLCAT.com. If you want a web site chock-a-block full of real customer experiences through whitepapers, tech notes and top ten lists then this is the place for you. Microsoft sends in teams of consultants to make customers successful with the latest version of SQL Server. In return the customer allows SQLCAT (SQL Customer Advisory Team) to document their findings. This is a great strategy for Microsoft, their customers and the SQL Server community as a whole.

Invariably, the customer is working with large databases and challenging requirements. As long as the customer is an early adopter and using the latest and greatest of SQL Server, the SQLCAT team can get involved. Judging by the presentations by the team at the PASS conference, the consultants are top notch folks. Many times, a customer representative assists in the presentation, adding weight to the success of the project. They tell us what worked and more importantly, what didn’t work. This is real life stuff, not demo-land. There is also a Toolbox section to share code solutions and utilities. For instance, an “SSIS Package For Collecting SSAS DMV Data” to assess performance of an Analysis Server.

All in all, it is a great web site with concentrated industrial strength experiences involving real customer challenges. We can all learn from it. SQLCAT, thanks for sharing!

Author: Brian Egler

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