HDI and itSMF Combining Forces

The Help Desk Institute (HDI) and the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF), which you are probably familiar with if you work in IT Service Management or ITIL, announced on Tuesday that they will work together to produce industry conferences in 2011 and 2012.

In the past, each organization offered its own conference and expo, but I think the joint effort is a wonderful idea. By pooling their resources together, HDI and itSMF will be able to offer great content to a large audience, which will help attract sponsors and exhibitors (like us). Sponsors and exhibitors will also like the fact that they only need to do one event each year, instead of attending one conference for each organizations.

Attendees will also benefit, because they will be able to learn about a wide variety of products and solutions from exhibitors, as well as hear from industry experts from an organization they might not have been exposed to in the past. Plus, if attendees had interest in attending conferences from both companies in the past, but had trouble justifying the expenditure to their bosses, they can now get the best of both worlds at a single location.

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