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For those who don’t know, CompTIA will retire their “lifetime certification” policy at the end of this year. For everyone who is certified before December 31, 2010, the credential is good for life. Starting January 1, 2011, however, any new certification holders will have to renew their credentials every three years.

CompTIA has now posted information on how new members (those certified after 1/1/11) can renew their credentials. Certification holders will enroll in a continuing education program that provides CEU credits, with the following CEU credits required every three year period:

CompTIA A+: 20 CEUs in three years

CompTIA Network+: 30 CEUs in three years

CompTIA Security+: 30 CEUs in three years

Credits can be earned through myriad activities including lecturing or presenting, attending industry events, publishing relevant content, and taking a training course that uses CompTIA CAQC-approved material.

I believe some of this information is still in the “proposal” stage, so it may change before the policy changes begin. You can read more on the CompTIA web site here, where they’ve posted a Q&A resource center.

If I were contemplating getting certified in A+, Network+, or Security+, I would want to do so before the end of the year so that I wouldn’t have to worry about expiration dates or CEU fulfillment. But that’s just my humble opinion.

How do you feel about CompTIA’s new policy?

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The required CEU credits will be:

CompTIA A+                           20 CEUs per three-year period

CompTIA Network+            30 CEUs per three-year period

CompTIA Security+             50 CEUs per three-year period

Credits can be earned through myriad activities including passing the most current exam for your certification, lecturing or presenting, attending industry events, publishing relevant content, and taking training courses that uses CompTIA CAQC-approved material.

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  1. Ranshid Peters Reply

    Why do you have to be forced to stay certified in your profession? I believe that anyone entering this industry know that he/she must keep up to date because of ever inproving technology but why should there be a possibility of you losing your hard earned qualification. You can still do courses to stay up to date without you losing your certification. I just feel that it is unfair and I believe that this Comptia policy will make alot of people negative towards the industry.

  2. Alison Grimme, Editor Reply


    The point you make is definitely a valid one. A Google search on the topic will bring up many lively debates, so the change has not gone unnoticed in the IT industry. I do think part of the reason CompTIA updated its policy is that so many other certification bodies require continuing education credits – almost all of the certifications we work with here require ongoing study or retesting, like Cisco, Microsoft, the Project Management Institute, etc. So CompTIA isn’t alone in their strategy. It will be interesting to see how the new policy is looked at in a year from now, when the topic isn’t so new and people have had time to adjust to the change.

  3. Simon Reed | Training Reply

    It is a good move. Everyone should stay updated. It should happen for every one not for only those who will clear after 2010. So that everyone will stay updated.

  4. fhayden Reply

    I’m in the process of taking the A+ before 2010 ends. I took some classes at the college and studied with other books. I just went to the CompTIA site to check out the policy for myself.

    I don’t know why I was in such a rush to be certified before 2011. Everyone in IT should stay up to date so taking a continuing education course to stay current in my field does not seem like an issue to me.

    Maybe to other it is an issue but I’m just giving my own thought on the issue.