PM or BA? Think ‘Customer Service’

Whether you are a Project Manager or a Business Analyst, you have to think about customer service. You are there to help your customer/organization/stakeholder/etc. solve a problem or complete an endeavor.

You have to think for the customer; sometimes as the customer, sometimes with or for the customer, but always benevolently for the customer or customers.

If you are like me, you are always keeping your finger on the pulse of your team and the project – checking for red flags, looking for trouble brewing, watching for bumps and potholes that might be forthcoming, following the plan laid out and checking off the mileposts as they go by.

Today, I was in a facility where customer service was…how to say this elegantly…substandard. They ignored us!

They got around to us as if we were a bother in their presence. “Oh, darn, another one got through the door.”

Customer service is about the customer. Find out what the need is, and do your best to fulfill it. Don’t leave them out in the dark – talk to them, smile and make them feel welcome. Make them feel like you are there for them. Be cheerful about it, and leave them in no doubt as to your commitment to see them through their presence in your business.

Our society loves self service. We are now scanning our own groceries and lumber. But there are certain service companies that are just not quite “on my side.” They are providing a service with a grudge against me…and I am loathe to use them because of my utter dissatisfaction.

How long would they, if they were a customer, want to wait at the grocery store checkout before they were serviced by some grumpy person who just walks past them a few times before finally acknowledging them. What a surprise that would be if we turned the tide on them!

As a project manager or a business analyst, always think “customer service first,” and be there to meet the customer’s needs.

Have you had a positive or negative experience with customer service?

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