Migrating from Unity to Unity Connection – Part 2

In my last post we looked at the ability of the COBRAS tool and two modes of backup using it.  This post will deal directly with alias changes and restore of Brief Case mode going from a Unity to a Unity Connection platform.

At a high level, the restore process has three wizards in place to guide you through the process, which can get very complicated.  Most of the complication is handled by the tool but every tool needs a little help.

The three wizards are:
1) Select the objects you want to restore. You are in complete control at this point. If you want to restore everything on the fly, then you would choose to restore all objects which includes not only the  subscriber’s backup from the Unity system, but all the call handlers as well.  The number of subscribers and handlers, and if you are planning on restoring voice mail or not, will all add to the timeframe required for the restore to complete. Another option would be to use the COBRAS utility to restore the same audio attendant applications on multiple Unity or Unity connection systems then manually re-creating them.

2) Resolve conflicts with the objects selected on wizard 1. There will be conflicts if objects already exist in Unity Connection with the same alias or extension number as in Unity.  If the aliases are identical with the same extensions, the tool will automatically pick this up and recommend an over write.  If the object does not exist on the target Unity connection box, as long as the extension is unique it will recommend a new subscriber creation.  This will also happen with the Call Handlers you are trying to copy over as well.

3) Resolve link references for any objects you choose to restore from Wizard 1. A link object is links that are assigned to objects being created in Unity Connection.  For instance, a subscriber may have a link after playing a personal greeting to exit to a destination yet to be created in Unity Connection. Unity Connection, unlike Unity, is not so forgiving on having all links accounted for.  This is done to ensure database integrity.

Some of the usage scenarios that have been used so far are:

  1. Straight backup and restore operation
  2. Restore a single subscriber or restoring selected voice mail messages which may have been accidentally erased
  3. Restore a COBRAS backup to a different Unity/Unity Connection version or product which would be migrating from Unity to Unity Connection
  4. Merge multiple Unity backups to a single Unity Connection Server
  5. Copy identical audio text applications from a source server setup to multiple servers in your environment

As you can tell this is a very powerful utility. If you integrate Unity and Unity Connection systems or are thinking of backing up your system in a more robust way; seriously consider the COBRAS tool.Author: Joe Parlas

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