UCM IP Phone Services, Part 2

One of the most interesting concepts Cisco came up with is to provide the ability to advertise services to all Cluster IP Phone users without requiring them to subscribe to that service. So, if you company has an “all employee” web service, you can quickly setup the service, and then magically have it automatically show up when the employees search for services by selecting the service button on their respective IP Phones.

But, in order to do this, you must select a box at the beginning of the web service creation to enable it for “Enterprise Subscriptions’. We are going to step through how to configure extension mobility service for all IP Phones in the cluster.

First we need to go to Device –> Device Settings –> Phone services as depicted below:

Next we will choose <Add New Service> and then fill out the parameters for Unified Extension Mobility keeping in mind that we want to have this service automatically subscribed to by all IP Phones in the cluster. Therefore ,we must check the box for Enterprise Subscription which was not available in versions of Unified Communications Manger earlier than 7.x.

Once the service information is saved; additional configuration items are displayed towards the bottom as shown:

The additional parameters are values that map to variables that are assigned as the web application is chosen. For instance, if the company developed a web service for Weather Lookups, a parameter might be a zip code which would select an area of interest to see the current weather.

However it should be noted that if you want to use Parameters or you purchased a web service that does, then you should not enable it as an enterprise subscription, since no parameters can be added when the service is created as such.

For example, since we created the extension mobility service as an enterprise subscription, let’s now try to create a Parameter. Notice the error in the screen shot below when we try to do this:

So plan out your IP Phone subscription services carefully, and if you want them to automatically be assigned to an IP Phone cluster wide, then choose Enterprise Subscription just be mindful of the restrictions of no parameter capability.

Author: Joe Parlas

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