New Year’s 2010 IT Resolution

It is almost upon us – a New Year!  This has been a tumultuous year – lots of “new” things and some worrisome things have occurred within the IT field (I guess someone feels real special for hacking the Twitter servers).  There will be more changes in 2010, but hopefully not as detrimental as we experienced this past year.  But keep this in mind – we have survived 2009!

The economy is beginning to recover – businesses are upgrading (there are so many new products out, or will be released soon – Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2, OCS 2010) and these new technologies will require experienced and TRAINED personnel. That is the key – trained on the new technologies.We must position ourselves to react to these new changes in our IT world.

In the 2009 Certification Magazine Salary survey one of the questions asked was if an employee had received a raise after earning a new certification:

The Salary Survey did reveal some good money news, however. After receiving their most recent certification, about 36 percent of respondents received a raise, though about half reported that raise was 5 percent or less. About 15 percent said the raise was at least 10 percent; roughly the same number said it was between 15 and 20 percent; and 5 percent of respondents said they received a raise of more than 50 percent*

The moral of this post – you need to enhance your skill set – that is applicable in this case and in general.  Don’t rest on your laurels – as soon as you do, you will only see the dust of the rest of us who have moved on to newer and brighter technology pastures.

Now, since you are going to expand your skill set and look at what may be an emerging technology this is your chance to become an early SME (Subject matter expert).  Since my crystal ball is in the shop for its 40,000 viewing update – I will only be able to guess here.  I would say that anything with Virtualization (Hyper-V R2 is WAY cool!) will be in big demand.  This in addition to VoIP (can you say OCS 2010 anyone?) as well as Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 will be in big demand next year.  IT budgets will hopefully expand some but IT departments will still be under pressure to come up with ways to provide the current (or increased) level of support with less staff and budgets smaller – but they will still want to upgrade as well!

So, expand your current skill set as well as trying to see what is going to be a hot field next year to help secure your current position.  While these are good suggestions, you might have to come up some additional ideas all your own!



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