Love those Microsoft RSS feeds

Web browsers are evolving rapidly these days. Each new release of Internet Explorer has new features. One the best is RSS feeds. News feeds are a way to keep current as new content is posted to blogs and websites. I subscribe to new feeds as I encounter them as I browse the web. The IE command bar includes a button that lights up orange when an RSS feed is detected at a website. You can subscribe to new feed and view in it in Favorites Center. The Favorites Center lists all of your subscribed feeds as well as your favorites and history. I have a few favorite feeds that I would like to share with you.

The first is Windows Server How-to Videos, which consist of fast moving videos that run about 10 minutes on average. I get a little antsy when web videos go on too long. My favorite presenter is Keith Combs who is informative and has a loose, breezy delivery style. The feed is at:

I also like Windows Server 2008: Web, Virtualization, Security, and a Solid Foundation for Your Business Workloads, which includes much longer (1- 2 hours) on-demand webcasts from Microsoft on new technologies. It can be subscribed at:

There is also the Windows Server 2008 feed which lists recorded webcasts and also webcasts scheduled to occur in 2010.

The team that develops Microsoft Exchange in Redmond has a terrific blog. You had me at EHLO… is a must for Exchange Administrators.


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