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Windows 7 is out – and you are debating whether or when to upgrade to Windows 7.  Or have you already installed Windows 7 and are wondering which book (or books) have the information you need to learn your way around? There is a site at Microsoft Learning that you can navigate to in order to help you make up your mind  The: Discover the portfolio of Microsoft Press books on Windows 7 (and pick up a few pointers) with this new, free e-mail program!

After you sign up on the Windows 7 training portal, Microsoft Learning will send you an e-mail once a week (for 6 weeks) with links to download sample chapters from a variety of new and upcoming Microsoft Press books about Windows 7. The featured chapters cover topics ranging from using Windows 7 to run your home theater (Windows 7 Plain & Simple, e-mail 6) to testing application compatibility during deployment (Windows 7 Resource Kit, e-mail 3). There’s something for everyone, so try these chapters on for size and see what fits!

Goodie number 2 – TS: Windows 7, Preinstalling for OEMs

Exam 70-683 is now available in Prometric testing centers. This is a Technical Specialist (MCTS) exam designed to assess your hands-on skills in preinstalling Windows 7 for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

People who take this exam are IT professionals who use the Microsoft OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) and imaging tools to deploy and maintain Windows 7 desktops and additional applications and tools. If you are planning on talking this exam, you should have should have a minimum of one year of experience addressing day-to-day issues involving desktop image deployments (and as much time as possible with Windows 7 images). You should also be familiar with Microsoft best practices for using the OPK.

This exam covers the following topics:

  • Preparing the OPK Environment
  • Creating a Base Image
  • Configuring the Image for Deployment
  • Deploying and Updating the Image


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