You are your own best Career Manager

An old Battalion Commander gave me this bit of wisdom when I was a lowly Lieutenant.  In this case, you need to Take control of your own IT career in IT; take an exam and get certified!  It wouldn’t hurt to get a little help along the way – and Microsoft Learning has done so!

Microsoft Certification can help you pursue a new career in IT, move from one job role to another, or become indispensible in your existing role. Microsoft Certifications are continually evaluated and updated to ensure their relevance in the marketplace. As a result, earning a certification not only helps you stay current on the latest developments in Microsoft technologies and platforms; it also enables you to demonstrate to employers your job skills.

To make it easier for you to get started, you can now take advantage of a new set of discounts that Microsoft is providing on select Microsoft Certification exams. Just visit the fine folks at Microsoft Learning: to find out how to begin and to see whether the exam you’re interested in is 15%, 20% or 25% off. This offer is available worldwide while supplies last, and you have to register, schedule and purchase your discounted exam by December 31, 2009. The offer cannot be combined with any other discount offers on Microsoft Certification Exams.

So – you are your own best career manager, you have a great offer to take an exam at a much lower price and you want to stay ahead of the masses during this recession….what are you waiting for??  Go take a test!


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