And yet more goodies from Microsoft this fall.

There are so many new Microsoft products that have been released or will be released over the next few weeks.  This fall will see the official release of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, first glimpses of SharePoint 2010 and more.  This is all very exciting – lots of new technologies to play with – think of it as Christmas Day for Geeks – but instead of gift wrapped packages, we have shiny new software to play with!

Now comes the fun part – where to start the learning process for these new products – especially if you weren’t involved in the beta test period.  What can one do?  If you are a self-learner – or just can’t take the time off from work soon to attend a class.  Fear not – you can gain new information about some of the products, but these do not replace formal classroom training – think of these as a supplement to what you would gain from an instructor led class.

You might think that these new learning materials might be costly and possibly not that effective – this is far from the truth.  Microsoft has made available several avenues of learning goodies that are not only FREE (free is good), but are very informative. So, if you are really want to get a head start and you want to become THEExchange guru at your  work place than take a look these resources on Exchange Server 2010, including Silverlight Learning Snacks on Unified Messaging, High Availability and Storage, and an eLearning Clinic examining many of the new features in Exchange 2010.

Free Silverlight Learning Snacks:

Unified Messaging in Exchange 2010

High Availability and Storage in Exchange 2010

Free eLearning Clinic:

Collection 6899: Exploring Features in Exchange 2010 (2-hours)



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