End User Training

A common goal of all Unified Communications (UC) system deployments is to drive productivity through introducing new communications paradigms. End user training is essential to the successful conclusion of that goal.

UC rollouts are very different than server or network related technology rollouts because the ultimate success of your deployment is measured by the satisfaction of the human beings interacting with the system. If your UC system has advanced features that users do not know of or understand how to use, the new system will not be the valuable collaboration tool that it was meant to be.

I recommend a bare minimum of one hour of instructor-led training, with links provided to further end-user documentation. If the new phones are given to the employee community during training, users are more likely to attend these sessions. End user documentation is usually available online, though often, unfortunately, a bit long.

The telecom team probably has a good idea of the end user feature requirements. Although the features used on the new UC system may be different than the current system, the telecom team probably has a good idea of what features will be used by which users.

End user training classes will differ based on the size of the deployment, but there will almost certainly be different requirements for different users. For instance, operators, administrative assistants, and power users require extra training sessions and support to meet their requirements in the phone system.

Author: Dennis Hartmann

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