Skinning AnyConnect

I had a client this week ask me how to re-skin and customize the Cisco AnyConnect client for their employees so I decided to share this with you, my blog readers, as well.

As we know, the Cisco AnyConnect client allows users to connect to their corporate offices via the SSL VPN. When you install the AnyConnect, you have a choice to either have the client delivered on-the-fly to your employees once they log into the ASA with the web interface, or to preinstall the software to your users by pushing the AnyConnect MSI file ahead of time. As a side note, the AnyConnect client does require admin rights to be installed.

Once the software is installed you can launch AnyConnect at anytime from the start menu on the local PC. By default, the client looks like this:


But you can easily re-skin the client via two different methods. Re-skinning the client allows us to change any of the images you see associated with the AnyConnect.


The first method is to upload your new image files to the ASA via the ASDM. If you select this method, you must ensure that the file names of the files you upload are the same names used in this table.The images you can upload refer to the following:


In the ASDM itself, this is where you’ll upload the newly created images:


Once you upload your images to the ASA, the images will be bundled with the AnyConnect software and made available to the next user for download.


The next method is to upload your new image files directly to the client itself. This would be used in the cases where you have preloaded AnyConnect on your existing hosts via script or patch management software. In this case, you will need to push the branding images to the following directory on the host: C:\PROGRAM FILES\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client\res. In this directory you’ll see the following files:


You can simply replace these files with your own images. As an example, I replaced the company_logo.bmp with our company logo. The next time the client launches you will see the new images embedded.


As a consultant it would be nice to have a logo associated with a connection profile for each of our clients. Unfortunately you cannot associate logos/images with specific connection profiles currently, that means that once there, the logo is static.

Author: Jim Thomas

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