Dealing with Accidents

The more people you are directly in charge of, the more likely, albeit still very low, the chance is that someone on your team will have a serious accident (like I did a couple of weeks ago).

I am now totally laid up…unable to tend to even my own minimal needs. How much can I expect out of someone like that on the job? If someone working for me had this problem, I would be down one person; maybe they could be present once in a while, but they could not do much more than type short reports.

There is nothing worse than feeling useless when you want to get something done. Who knew it could be so hard to relax! Yes…it is hard to just sit there and let your body mend.

I have to force myself to do nothing strenuous and nothing aggravating to the injuries or my fragile ego. I am so helpless, and that it is debilitating in itself.

And it is just as hard to try to motivate others to get things done when you cannot really keep on top of them. They figure it out as you struggle to keep control but end up totally frustrated and overheated – not a good way to manage anyone.

Have a backup plan…find someone you trust to take over when you or someone else on the team goes down for any reason and for any time period.

Have you ever had a team member struggle with a project because of something unexpected? How did you resolve this?

From David Egan

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  1. Diwant Vaidya Reply

    Yes, I absolutely had a team member struggle with the unexpected, twice and in close succession. First a close relative passed, and then that team member’s marriage shortly thereafter. Their absence was definitely felt but they had the same work ethic you demonstrate in this post, so after the fact you could see that person putting in far too much overtime, I believe to ‘make up’ for lost time. As team lead I felt two things: worried that my teammate would exhaust himself, and relieved that the amount of work that was pending due to that same team mate’s absence was quickly being taken care of.