Updating your skills

In this time of economic uncertainty, it certainly seems to be wise to enhance your skill set.   Many businesses are closing and still even more are laying workers off or at least not hiring new workers to fill empty positions.  The training industry is not immune from these issues either.  Just as IT budgets are cut, so are training budgets within the IT world.  It never seems to fail that when budgets need to be cut, IT is one of the first to be trimmed.  Within the IT departments, it is the training budget that is the first to be cut.  Hopefully this current financial quagmire will be cleared up by the by the first part of next year – if not sooner.

I intend to keep my skill set up – that is one of my goals. Are you going to do the same?  Are you going to update your skill set?  Are you going to earn any new certifications?  Now given this is a MICROSOFT blog – I would love to hear everyone say they are going to earn an MCTS or MCITP – maybe even an MCM – but any certification is fine.  Anything you can do to improve yourself, make yourself more useful to your company –or even more marketable is all for the good!

-Randy Muller

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