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Starting with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 6.0 unified communications (UC) deployments with less than 575 phones and less than 500 voice mail boxes have the choice of using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition (CUCMBE).

CUCMBE includes the CUCM call routing product and the Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) voicemail solution. It runs on one 7828 server that ships with 6GB of DRAM due to the resource requirements of CUCM and CUC. The 6.x version of CUCMBE shipped with the CUC 2.x. The current version of CUCMBE and CUC as of this writing is CUCMBE 7.1(2a) and CUC 7.1(2a).

CUCM and CUC use the same appliance model using the Linux operating system and the IBM Informix database. CUC portion supports up to 16 ports (IP sessions) when running co-resident with CUCM in a CUCMBE solution. CUC in a co-resident configuration supports most of the feature set of standalone CUC with the exception of redundancy and networking solutions. Redundancy for CUCM and CUC in the CUCMBE solution can only be provided by survivable remote site telephony (SRST) running on a Cisco router.

The CUC 7.x standalone platform provides redundancy using a publisher/subscriber database model. The solution provides redundancy and active/active load balancing for up to 2 servers per cluster. The CUC standalone solution is scalable up to 288 ports and 10,000 mailboxes when both servers are active (144 ports per server). CUC can support up to 7,500 users per server when unified messaging capabilities are used with the Cisco Unity Inbox, Cisco GUI clients (VMO or VMN), and IMAP connections.

Larger deployments can take advantage of CUC’s networking capabilities. Up to five clusters can be digitally networked together in the 7.0 version of the product, while 7.1(2a) can support networking of up to 10 clusters. Voice profile for internet mail (VPIM) integration with external directories is supported as well.

Author: Dennis Hartmann

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