What Microsoft can’t tell you about their exams

There are many things about an exam that we will never know – despite our asking.  This is done to protect the integrity of the exam.  So here’s the part where we tell you what we can’t tell you. Please note that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of everything that Microsoft can’t tell you — there are probably many more that could be added to this list. Let us get these out in the open earlier rather than later. Drum roll, please….

What Microsoft can’t tell you:

1. Which items you got right.

2. Which items you got wrong.

3. Which answers are correct.

4. Which answers are incorrect.

5. How many items you need to answer correctly to pass the exam (you do know the passing score, just not how the questions are weighted).

6. What percentage of people have passed a particular exam.

7. The text of an item. (No, you can’t email Microsoft and ask for a copy of the items you got wrong so you can study – well you can, just don’t expect a list)

8. Whether or not a particular item was scored or unscored.

9. Which testing technologies are going to be on the exam you’ll be taking.

10. When Microsoft is going to add new items to the exam.

Microsoft can’t tell you any of these things, not even if you’ve already passed the exam. The primary reason for these “Microsoft-can’t-tell-yous” is that they have to protect the integrity of the exam content. In some cases, the “Microsoft-can’t-tell-you” could jeopardize the integrity of the exam by messing up the statistics that is used by Microsoft to judge the validity of each item. In other cases, it would provide an unfair advantage to you or someone else taking the exam.  Much of this information came from the Born to Learn site.

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