The Importance of Vacations

Work is just starting to pick up again around here. Life is looking good. But it is vacation time! My family wants and needs to go somewhere and hang out together away from the work and drudgery around the home. It is all too common for us busy executives to forget about our own needs and the needs of some of our staff. Don’t be a workaholic. Everyone needs to relax once in a while and release the tension of work.

If you think you are going to be replaced just because you go away for a week or so, then there is something else wrong…and anyways, you better get your vacation in before they sack you. We probably spend twice as much time planning our vacations than any other single event, because we get so few of them and want to get the most out of the vacation. And, we will spend even more than we had originally planned just because we want the ultimate vacation.

Summer is one of the best vacation times for a reason. It is always the high season. Flights are packed, hotels are full, the beaches are busy…so what! Even if you have to mix some business in with your pleasure, take the vacation time to connect with your other self, your family and friends.

Don’t be like those workaholics you see around you. Learn and plan to relax more. Make sure your staff plans for time off as well.

Take your vacation, you probably need it. Ensure your staff gets some time off during the summer if you can. Show your staff you care about their well-being – show them your softer side. This is a great time to check how well your backup plans work when you are short staffed…you do have a plan, don’t you?

From David Egan

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