Don’t Forget your Support Staff

Every now and then, I realize how much I appreciate my support staff. Most of us support ourselves with a computer and/or laptop, cell, Blackberry, IM, etc., and gone are the days of personal assistants…but not really. There are several people who support my job here at Global Knowledge. Our travel services department deals with my trips, my quirks about trips…and better yet…changes!

It takes way too much of my time to deal with a simple change in flights or accomodation. I cannot thank my travel advisors enough – they must put up with a lot of stop-and-go traffic on their phones all day long.

Then there are the other support people who ensure training classroom equipment arrives with all the correct materials. Our company must have hundreds of classes a week and thousands of student kits; it’s quite a logistics miracle really. My hat is off to these guys and gals who deal with those little extra details for me and all my cohorts.

And the other group I would like to send kudos to is the phone-in support team who deals with the “I can’t get connected to the online class,” “I did not get my classroom material,” or “I am having a problem with x and y.”‘ My hat is off to you, because you are always happy and smiling all day long. I truly believe we should ALL regularly thank our support staff for their dedication and hard work – especially when it makes our business life so much easier.

From David Egan

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  1. Robusto Reply

    As a department coordinator for the largest company in its niche (in both size and revenue), having seen each tier of the corporate infrastructure, I can definitively say that this tidbit of Global Knowledge insight is vital information for any of the following people:

    A: Never worked in a supporting role en route to their position in project management

    B: Aged to the point where they simply cannot recall those days

    C: Everyone in Project Management

    The more we become detached from the needs of our clientele via internal advancement – the more reliant we must become on the feedback of those with direct interaction with our customers and those who facilitate our day-to-day operation. They are the soul of the organization, and once we set our pride aside we oftentimes discover they have a better understanding of the present needs of the market within which we operate.

    1. David egan Reply

      We usually realize how important our support group are when something goes wrong .. and they miraculously fix it!

      As leaders and managers, we need to remember to sincerely thank all of our support staff regularly and especially when we become complacent from their efforts.

      Cheers to everyone in support!