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Data Center Operations Specialist (DCOS)

Are you in data center operations or thinking about getting into data center operations?  Learn, understand, and get up to date on all the necessary matters related to the operation of a data center.  Be able to understand and speak intelligently to consultants, vendors, designers, builders, and stakeholders.   Join certified experts from Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Salesforce, Major League Baseball, Digital Realty, AIG, Exxon Mobil, US Courts, and thousands more!

This course targets Data Center Managers, Data Center Planners and Data Center Strategists that are responsible for overseeing, maintaining, managing & planning of Data Center capacities, efficiencies, availabilities and operations on for its intended purposes and designated footprints. The DCOS® course focuses on best practices to be applied, and mechanisms and methodologies to enhance the long-run objectives as well as the daily operations of Data Centers. It further teaches how to streamline processes, increase efficiency and productivity whilst maintaining high availability. The core concepts are based on demonstrated principles, which are optimized from lessons learned from Data Center front-runners such as Consultants, Managed Service Providers, and Data Center owners across varied industries.

Required Exams

Exam: Data Center Operations Specialist


About the Exam

  • 50 questions
  • 75 percent passing rate
  • Retakes are permitted up to two times (fee applicable)

Recommended Courses


All IDCA certifications have a validity of two years from the time the certification is issued. To re-certify, there are three steps:

  1. Retake the same class.
  2. DCIS Retake - A retake of the DCIS course will automatically renew all previously held certificates for an additional 2 years.
  3. 3) New Course - Taking any IDCA course you have not yet taken will not only automatically renew all your past certifications but also add to your certifications and help you climb the IDCA ladder.