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Data Center Manager (DCM)

This certification is a combination of the DCOM (Data Center Operations Manager) and DCTP (Data Center Technology Professional) courses. Join certified experts from Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Salesforce, Major League Baseball, Digital Realty, AIG, Exxon Mobil, US Courts, and thousands more!

This course is aimed for Data Center Managers who are not only in charge of data center operations, but the entire data center management cycle. It covers the management concepts, challenges, capacities, plans and strategies as well as technology aspects and deciding factors in determining and implementing best management principles. The DCM® certification strengthens the operational awareness of future technologies, leading to effective management of data centers by enhancing and preparing professionals for process advancements.

Required Exams

Exam: Data Center Infrastructure Specialist (DCIS), Data Center Operations Specialist (DCES), Data Center Technology Professional (DCTP).

About the Exam

  • 50 questions for each exam
  • 75 percent passing rate
  • Retakes are permitted up to two times (fee applicable)


All IDCA certifications have a validity of two years from the time the certification is issued. To re-certify, there are three steps:

  1. Retake the same class.
  2. DCIS Retake - A retake of the DCIS course will automatically renew all previously held certificates for an additional 2 years.
  3. 3) New Course - Taking any IDCA course you have not yet taken will not only automatically renew all your past certifications but also add to your certifications and help you climb the IDCA ladder.