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Data Center Authority (DCA)

This certification is a combination of all the 8 IDCA certification and courses.  DCA is not a course but a one of kind certification students receive once completing a thesis through IDCA ( 

This course is aimed for professionals who authoritative potentials, know-how and opportunity to become subject matter authorities in their specific data center arena. Individuals will be taken through multi levels of foundation, concept, principle, theory, physics, strategy, management, engineering and design, technology and selection in order to complete this course work required for becoming a DCA®. In addition to course work, all successful DCA® candidates must fulfill the required criteria which include but are not limited to undergoing minimum G1 data center project alongside IDCA approved consultants, as well as submitting an effective thesis to the attention of the accreditation committee of IDCA. The thesis shall be driven from their professional experiences and subject matter expertise in power, cooling, application, security, etc. DCAs will be the front-runners of the data center industry and key players and contributors to the industry’s direction. The DCA® is a leap into data center Strategy, approached in the unique manner of capturing the operations aspects of a data center, compliance parameters and knowledge of the design fundamentals, thus applying the insight into future technologies, amalgamating this knowledge to prepare the management, build, expansion, or upgrade for reliable, resilient, secure, and efficient data centers.

Required Exams

If your DCA application form is verified and accepted, you will officially be notified of your candidacy for the DCA certification. You will then be assigned to a thesis adviser where together, you and your thesis adviser will select a topic about what you will research and write. The thesis should be at least 5,000 words (roughly 10 pages, including graphs). You may have up to 6 months to write your thesis from the date of assignment. Once your thesis has been completed, and approved by your adviser, it will be reviewed by IDCA for final acceptance. This review process typically takes approximately 45-90 days. Once your thesis has been accepted, you will officially be awarded the degree of DCA and you will receive your certificate.
You can request a DCA application form by sending an email to