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Defend Your Data: Protecting Against New Sources of Attack

June 14, 2017
57m 50s

A 60 minute, interview style webinar with Tejas Vashi of Learning@Cisco to discuss network security trends, risk mitigation and the recently released Cisco Cybersecurity Report.

As organizations go through digital business transformation, attack surfaces are increasing, making it more difficult for Enterprises to secure today’s networks and proactively mitigate security breaches.  Businesses and IT security professionals must focus on their most important goal:  establish a secure communications environment.

Join us to hear from Tejas Vashi, Senior Director of Learning@Cisco’s Product Strategy & Marketing, about key trends from Cisco’s latest cybersecurity industry research, the security challenges organizations face today, and what they can do to mitigate the risks.

Tejas Vashi and Brad Haynes

Tejas Vashi is Senior Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Learning@Cisco. He is responsible for defining the education strategy, driving business innovation and establishing strategic industry partnerships. Tejas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, and a Master of Business Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia.


Brad Haynes is a Customer Solution Specialist with Global Knowledge. His long career has included work in designing and building complex networks, understanding customer requirements and keeping current with changing technology. Brad’s experience in IT and sales has helped him become customer focused, with a goal of achieving positive business outcomes. His specialty is taking complex technologies and making them easy to understand.