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Leading Continuous Change

Exclusive - Learn how to plan and support continuous change, prioritize and manage multiple change initiatives, avoid change fatigue, and ensure commitment.

There is no shortage of research suggesting the majority of change initiatives fail. Factors such as the lack of a clear vision, misalignment of leaders, inadequate communication, and failure to hold people accountable all negatively impact the results of organizational change initiatives. 

The challenge is that there is no sign of the pace and amount of change slowing. In today’s digitally disrupted world, continuous change is the new normal. To be successful, you must be able to prioritize and manage multiple change initiatives, avoid change fatigue, and ensure individuals and teams remain committed and connected to the direction of the organization.


Learn more about this topic. View the recorded webinar Remote Business - 5 Ms to Success.


GK# 4519
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Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all levels - vice presidents, directors, managers, and supervisors

What You'll Learn

  • The pace of change in today’s business landscape
  • How to distinguish change management and change leadership
  • Three phases of implementing organizational change and supporting activities for each
  • How to apply steps to prioritizing multiple simultaneous change initiatives and use of data to determine how to invest resources for maximum return
  • Signs and symptoms of change fatigue and an action plan to minimize change fatigue and maximize return on your team’s change efforts
  • How to create compelling communications to create buy-in to change initiatives and action plans
  • How to use recognition to accelerate change initiatives

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • VUCA and the Forces of Change
  • Why Change initiatives Fail
  • Factors in Failure of Changes Initiatives
  • The Five Factors of Successful Change
  • Your Role as a Change Leader

2. Leading Change Initiatives

  • Three Phases of Change
  • Establish Momentum Phase
  • The Value of Role Models
  • Execute Effectively Phase
  • Ensure Sustainability Phase
  • About Change Fatigue

3. Prioritizing Your Change Efforts

  • What is Different About Leading Continuous Change
  • Process for Prioritizing Multiple Change Initiatives
  • Prioritizing Multiple Change Initiatives
  • Communicating About Change (Consistently-and Persistently)

4. Summary

  • Perform Phase
  • Suggested Activities
  • Next Steps


Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Foundational people management is recommended but not required.

Though not a formal prerequisite, we strongly recommended students complete Active Leadership for IT Professionals (8944).

Follow-On Courses

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