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Product Information Management for IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 7 FEP 7

IBM Course Code: 6G36G

GK# 720681 Vendor# 6G36G

Course Overview


This course is designed to introduce business professionals the skills they need to manage product information with the use of Catalogs tool that is provided by IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 7.

The skills that are developed in this course enable WebSphere Commerce business users to manage product attributes with the use of features that are provided by the Management Center. The course explains different types of product attributes, attribute dictionary attributes, and how they can be associated with products in a catalog of the Management Center. The course begins with an overview of the product information that includes a business scenario to explain the need to change product information, which results in catalog update for a store. It introduces the students to different key terms, and definitions, and the associated tools of the Management Center that are involved in product information management. Subsequent units cover the types of product attributes. Defining attributes, descriptive attributes, and their values (either predefined, or assigned values). Various units in the course provide description of how to update information, create, and use attribute dictionary, and attribute dictionary attributes to manage product information. They also explain various features such as merchandising association, and SKU creation. The Course also provides a brief description of how the catalog can be filtered by using the Catalogs and Filtering tool.

Scenario-based sample demonstrations that are provided, facilitate students to understand how to log in to the Management Center, and use various features and functions of the Catalogs tool of the Management Center to manage product information. The course consists of instructions that can be used to re-create demonstration tasks.


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What You'll Learn

  • Explain the product attributes
  • List product information management tasks within a catalog entry
  • Describe how attribute dictionary is used to manage product information within the Management Center
  • Describe how to locate, and update product information in a catalog with the use of Catalogs tool
  • State the catalog override feature of the Management Center
  • Mention catalog filter tasks with the use of Catalogs and Pricing tool


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

  • Course Overview
  • Demonstration 1. Update product information
  • Demonstration 2. Update facet navigation
  • Course Wrap Up

Who Should Attend


This intermediate course is designed for line-of-business professionals who want to manage product information within the Management Center of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 systems.

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