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VMware Horizon View: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.2]

Build your skills in the VMware® Horizon View™ suite.

GK# 3115

Course Overview


In this hands-on course, you will build your skills in the VMware® Horizon View™ suite of products: VMware View Manager™, VMware View Composer™, and VMware ThinApp®. This course is based on the Horizon View 5.2 and ThinApp 4.7 releases and includes 18 skills-building labs.

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What You'll Learn

  • Install and configure Horizon View components
  • Create and manage dedicated and floating desktop pools
  • Deploy and manage linked-clone virtual desktops
  • Configure and manage desktops that run in local mode
  • Configure user profiles with View Persona Management
  • Configure secure access to desktops through a public network
  • Use ThinApp to package applications
  • Entitle applications by using Horizon View


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

1. VMware Horizon View

  • View features and components

2. View Connection Server

  • Install and configure View Connection Server

3. View Desktops

  • View Agent
  • PCoIP and Remote Desktop Protocol remote display protocols
  • USB redirection and multimedia redirection

4. VMware View Client Options

  • VMware View Client
  • View Client with local mode
  • Thin clients and zero clients
  • Virtual Printing with View Client

5. View Administrator

  • Configuring the View environment
  • Managing users, sessions, and policies
  • Configuring and provisioning automated pools of desktops
  • Role-based delegated administration
  • Monitoring the View environment

6. Configuring and Managing Linked Clones

  • View Composer operations
  • Deploying and provisioning linked-clone desktops
  • Managing linked-clone desktops
  • Managing persistent disks

7. Local Mode Desktops

  • Configure local mode desktops
  • View Transfer Server and the Transfer Server repository
  • Local mode operations

8. Managing View Security

  • Network configuration and authentication options
  • Configure the View security server

9. View Persona Management

  • Configure user profiles with View Persona Management
  • View Persona Management and Windows roaming profiles
  • Configuring a View Persona Management deployment
  • Best practices for a View Persona Management deployment

10. VMware Horizon Application Manager

  • Ensuring that VMware Horizon Application Manager is working
  • Application Manager components
  • Single sign-on from Horizon View to View desktops
  • Enabling browser access to View desktops through Horizon View
  • Entitling applications by using Horizon View

11. Command Line Tools and Backup Options

  • vdmadmin utility
  • Client systems in kiosk mode
  • Backing up the View databases
  • Restoring the View databases

12. View Connection Server Performance and Scalability

  • Replica connection servers
  • Performance considerations and load balancing

13. VMware ThinApp

  • Using ThinApp to capture applications
  • Deploying and updating ThinApp packages
  • Virtualizing Internet Explorer 6 for use on a Windows 7 system
  • Managing ThinApp applications in View

Who Should Attend


System administrators and system integrators responsible for deploying the VMware virtual desktop infrastructure

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