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CSFI: Defensive Cyberspace Operations Engineer (DCOE)

Develop cyberspace operations skills and obtain a DCO-based certification.

In this course from the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI), students will develop the skills for planning, executing, and integrating defensive cyberspace operations (DCO) into organizational missions in support of DCO requirements. This course builds upon the planning skills learned in the Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Operations Design (ICWOD) course. Adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and their use of associated tools are presented following the cyber kill chain for students to learn to defend friendly networks against current and emerging threats.

Using multiple labs, this course will provide students with hands-on exposure to deploy live attacks and analysis in a controlled environment to then learn how to prevent, detect, and counter such activities.

Note: This course requires students to bring their own laptop preloaded with VMware Workstation 9 or 10.

In order to attain the DCOE certification, students must pass the DCOE exam (open-book, included as part of the course).

GK# 9733
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Who Should Attend?

  • Information Operations Officers
  • Cyber Warfare Operations Officers
  • Cyber Operators
  • Information Security / Assurance Professionals
  • Cyber Security Consultants
  • Cyber Planners
  • Military Members
  • Security Analysts
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Auditors
  • Security Engineers
  • Threat Hunters


What You'll Learn

  • Elements of Cyberspace Operations and components of the Cyber Mission Force
  • Application and analysis of the Cyber Kill Chain
  • Methods and sources for threat intelligence and information sharing
  • Popular tools of the trade
  • Deception methods and reconnaissance
  • The importance of having a solid plan before execution and lessons learned
  • Defense of networks and systems through simulated attacks, including data exfiltration
  • Persistent, integrated operations
  • Network protection



Introduction to Cyber Warfare and Operations Design (ICWOD) recommended, but not required.

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