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Spring 3.0, Rich Interfaces and the Web (TT3363)

GK# 4203 Vendor# TT3363

Course Overview


In this course, you will gain a better understanding of how to use Spring in conjunction with the various technologies used in and supporting rich web interfaces. You will leave the course armed with the required skills to design and implement Spring applications that effectively and transparently use various web interface tools and technologies. You will also cover of the concepts and practices for interacting between Spring and JSF, Struts, Web Flow, Ajax, and other components.


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What You'll Learn

  • Work with the technologies that form the foundation for Ajax
  • Integrate Ajax into Spring to provide a rich, interactive web interface
  • Use Struts and JSF within the Spring framework
  • Use Spring's web flow as a framework to build interfaces for complex web applications
  • Work with HTTPUnit and Spring to facilitate unit testing in the context of the web
  • Interoperate with RESTful services from within Spring 3.0
  • Work with Spring Security to acquire and process authentication credentials as well as enforce authorization on enterprise resources
  • Defend Spring applications from the perspective of application security

Who Should Attend


Developers who need to understand how and when to use Spring applications with the web

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