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Database Access in R

Working with Databases in R: RDBMS with RODBC; Using dplyr; R with NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and More

GK# 9324

Course Overview


Mining data in R requires access to multiple data stores. In this course, we'll cover dataframe manipulation, accessing common file formats, traditional Relational DataBases, and NOSQL stores like MongoDB and Cassandra. After completing the course, students will be able to work with data from a myriad of data sources they're likely to encounter in data science, manipulating, transforming, and joining disparate data sets to be able to extract profound insights.


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What You'll Learn


Working in a hands-on learning, environment students will explore:

  • Data Frames and Data Files in R
  • Relational Databases
  • RDBMS with RODBC
  • Using dplyr
  • Working with NOSQL Databases
  • R and MongoDB
  • R and Cassandra and DataFrames from Cassandra



Students should have attended the course(s) below, or should have practical hands-on skills in these areas:

  • R Essentials for Data Scientists (TTDS6681)

Who Should Attend


This is an intermediate level course, geared for data scientists. Incoming students should have prior experience working with R.

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