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Full-Stack Web Development with Angular

New – Learn to build robust and scalable full stack web applications with Spring 5 and Angular 4 in this self-paced course.

GK# 7631

Course Overview


The course will teach you how to use Angular to create a fully working data form storage web application. You will learn the basic concepts of Angular such as templating and directives and how to use them to create a form component. Spring is one of the most popular application development framework being adopted by millions of developers around the world to create high performing, easily testable, reusable code. Its lightweight nature, rich ecosystem and extensibility helps you write robust and highly-scalable server-side web applications. Coupled with the power and efficiency of Angular, creating web applications will never been easier. By the end of the course, you will understand how to make the best of both tools.


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What You'll Learn


Set up development environment for Spring Web App and Angular app.

Process web request and response and build REST API endpoints.

Create data access components using Spring Web MVC framework and Hibernate

Use Junit 5 to test your application

Learn the fundamental concepts around building Angular

Configure and use Routes and Components.

Protect Angular app content from common web vulnerabilities and attacks.


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

How to Create an App in Angular 2

Creating an Angular 2 Components

Creating an Angular 2 Service How to Create a Spring 5 App

Spring Web Reactive

Spring Web MVC Angular 2 Single-Page Application in Spring 5

Who Should Attend


This course is targeted towards Java Web Developers with a basic knowledge of Spring who want to build complete full stack web applications with the combined power of Spring and Angular, in a fast and effective way. In due course, they will want to gain a stronghold on both frontend and backend development to advance in their careers.

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