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Oracle Database 11g

This course covers the Oracle Database 11g.

GK# 7357

Course Overview


This course explores methods that reveal varying levels of detail about how the Oracle database executes a SQL statement; how to install and manage Oracle Secure Backup (OSB); an introduction to the general features and capabilities of Oracle RAC for Oracle Database 11g; how to meet the security, privacy and compliance requirements of your organization; learn and practice the change-management features and other key enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 2; basic and advanced administration tasks of Oracle Database 11g Release 2; and introduction to the Oracle SOA suite, related technologies and SOA concepts.


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What You'll Learn

  • Architecture, SQL Tuning, and Optimization
  • Indexes, Access Paths, and Join Operations
  • Execution Plans and Star Transformations
  • Optimizer Statistics, Hints, and Cursor Sharing
  • Application Tracing and Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Configuring OSB and Security
  • Securing Domain and Data in Oracle Secure Backup
  • RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup
  • Managing Backups and Infrastructure
  • Tape Vaulting, Duplication, and Tuning
  • Installation of Clusterware and RAC
  • RAC Database and Oracle Clusterware Administration
  • RAC Performance Tuning
  • Configure, Manage, and Use Services in RAC
  • Diagnosing Oracle Clusterware and Node Management
  • High Availability in RAC
  • Introduction to Database Security and Solutions
  • Database Security
  • Database Auditing
  • Basic User and Strong Authentication
  • Enterprise User Security and Proxy Authentication
  • Privileges, Roles, and Application Contexts
  • Virtual Private Database
  • Oracle Label Security and the Data Masking Pack
  • Encryption Concepts
  • Transparent Data Encryption
  • Oracle Net Services and Listener Security


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

Oracle Database 11g: Architecture, SQL Tuning, and Optimization

  • Recognize Oracle database structures
  • Recognize how to manage memory and database structures
  • Identify SQL statements that cause poor performance
  • Identify tools and tasks in SQL tuning
  • Recognize how SQL statement execution works
  • Recognize the basic features of the optimizer
  • Avoid common SQL mistakes
  • Recognize optimizer decisions in a given scenario

Oracle Database 11g: Indexes, Access Paths, and Join Operations

  • Identify the functions of table scans in the optimizer
  • Recognize types of indexes and how index scans work
  • Recognize the features of index-organized tables and bitmap and composite indexes
  • Use different access paths
  • Recognize how clusters and sorting operators work
  • Recognize how joins and N-array operations work
  • Recognize how to cache query results in the SGA

Oracle Database 11g: Execution Plans and Star Transformations

  • Recognize how to gather execution plans
  • Recognize how to display execution plans
  • Recognize the views containing execution plan information
  • Recognize how to use the AWR
  • Recognize how to perform SQL monitoring
  • Interpret execution plans
  • Extract an execution plan used by the optimizer to execute a query
  • Recognize how to use star transformation
  • Use star transformation and access the benefits of using this optimizer technique

Oracle Database 11g: Optimizer Statistics, Hints, and Cursor Sharing

  • Recognize how to gather optimizer statistics
  • Recognize how to gather system statistics
  • Use dynamic sampling
  • Use system statistics
  • Identify the features of bind variables
  • Use cursor sharing
  • Use optimizer hints
  • Use hints and views
  • Recognize how adaptive cursor sharing, the CURSOR_SHARING initialization parameter, and hints are used

Oracle Database 11g: Application Tracing and Automatic SQL Tuning

  • Recognize how to configure the SQL trace facility
  • Recognize how to use the trcsess utility
  • Recognize how to use the tkprof utility
  • Perform application tracing
  • Recognize how statement profiling works
  • Recognize how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Recognize the features of the SQL Access Advisor
  • Recognize the features of Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Perform SQL tuning and use the SQL Access Advisor

Oracle Database 11g: Configuring OSB and Security

  • Recognize the basic principles of OSB
  • Recognize how the OSB backup hierarchy works
  • Recognize how OSB enables secondary storage devices, tape libraries, and tape drives to be used for backup and restore operations
  • Recognize how to manage and secure data with OSB and RMAN
  • Recognize how to install OSB
  • Recognize how to install and configure OSB on Windows
  • Install and configure OSB

Oracle Database 11g: Securing Domain and Data in Oracle Secure Backup

  • Recognize how to manage OSB users
  • Recognize the OS permissions for an OSB user
  • Recognize how to preauthorize OSB users
  • Recognize how authentication works with OSB
  • Recognize how OSB encryption works
  • Configure an OSB user
  • Configure a host encryption policy

Who Should Attend


Database administrators, support engineers, security administrators, data warehouse administrators, sales consultants, technical consultants, and system analysts.

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