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Big Data – The Strategic Planning Perspective

Learn about big data from the strategic planning perspective.

GK# 7355

Course Overview


Big data is a term used to describe a massive volume of data, and it is so large that traditional databases and software are inadequate for the job. Big data has the potential to help companies in a variety of areas. In this learning path, you will learn about big data from the strategic planning perspective.


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What You'll Learn


Big Data Strategic Planning


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

Big Data Strategic Planning

  • Describe what Big Data is and is not
  • Identify the value of Big Data
  • Describe the four main challenges of Big Data
  • Describe why Big Data is a leadership problem
  • Integrate from multiple data sources
  • Compare scaling up to scaling out
  • Manage risk and governance issues
  • Identify examples of analytical models
  • Secure funding for Big Data initiatives
  • Recall some of the top 1 companies that are using Big Data solutions
  • Become more familiar with Big Data as it relates to strategic planning

Who Should Attend


Professionals looking to further their knowledge of Big Data from the strategic planning perspective.

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