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Python Developer Training Bundle

Exclusive - Learn how the Python programming language is a very powerful, flexible, and simple tool for building all manner of applications. This training bundle has what you need to build and enhance your skills on demand.

You will learn about ten important Python programming subjects that will enable rapid application development. There's a reason the Python language is used to glue together large software components and we're going to make you a pro at using it.

The Python Developer Training Bundle is a 12-month subscription to all GK Digital Python developer courses. As new and updated courses become available, you'll automatically gain access to them for the duration of your subscription. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These courses are designed to help you learn specific Python development skills. All the courses are hands-on and supported by our Python instructors.

GK# 5312
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What You'll Learn

The courses included in our Python Developer Training Bundle:

  • 5165 - Getting Started with Python
    Start your Python training with a strong foundation. In this course, you will learn about Python and writing basic scripts. From there, you'll move on to many of the language features needed in all applications, and then explore some advanced functionality such as Object Oriented (OO) Python. A great Python for beginners course.
  • 5193 - Getting Started with SQLAlchemy
    This course begins with an overview of Object Relational Mappers (ORMs) and SQLAlchemy. Why? Because SQLAlchemy is the most flexible and highly popular ORMs in Python. Then we move on to the most commonly used features of the ORM. You'll learn how to map classes to the database and even generate the database from your in-memory models. Finally, we'll round out the course with a look at a lower-level layer of SQLAlchemy that provides greater flexibility than the ORM (at the cost of more work on your side).
  • 5194 - Debugging and Profiling
    You will learn to use development tools that come with the Python standard library, how to track down bugs using debugger, profiling, and logging.
  • 5195 - Working with JSON data from Python
    This course will carefully examine serializing Python objects to JSON, and its reverse, deserializing JSON to Python objects. The default JSON encoder is sufficient to serialize some Python objects; we will explain in depth when a custom encoder is needed and how to build one. Likewise, the course will also cover building a custom decoder.
  • 5196 - Python Apps with SQLite
    You will gain a thorough understanding of working with SQLite. You will be able to write code to extract data to just about any format you'd like; efficiently insert or update data; and even manipulate SQLite environment settings.
  • 5197 - Building a Command-Line Interface (CLI) with Argparse
    You will learn how to build a command-line interface (CLI) with argparse (a module in the Python standard library) and with third-party packages that offer alternative approaches and extended functionality. You will learn about adding positional and optional arguments, and then move to advanced topics such as building custom types and custom actions.
  • 5210 - Working with Remote Directories Using OS and Paramiko
    In this course, you will learn how to discover and manipulate files, both locally and on a remote server. Paramiko and OS help you examine and move files between two systems.
  • 5270 - Testing Frameworks (Unittest)
    You will learn how to use the unittest library to write tests and advanced techniques for organizing and executing tests. The mock library enables developers to replace dependencies with fake objects.
  • 5255 - Getting Started with Git
    You will learn how this distributed revision control system is aimed at speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.
  • 5749 - Top 10 Python Concepts
    Topics in this course aim to help the developer understand what's going on “under the hood” and thereby write efficient, reusable code. You'll also develop an appreciation for idiomatic, “Pythonic” code.