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Source Control with TFS

Learn to manage source code in TFS via step by step examples and how to use advanced tools for the full power and flexibility of Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC).

The version control (VC) component of team foundation server (TFS) provides a powerful source control system but does have some unique aspects that can be unfamiliar if you're new to source control coming or from another source control system. This course will get you started from the ground level, introducing basic concepts in TFS with step by step examples and working up to using advanced tools that can take advantage of the full power and flexibility of TFS VC.

GK# 5260
Vendor Credits:
  • Global Knowledge Delivered Course
  • Training Exclusives
  • GSA Eligible
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Who Should Attend?

  • Developers working on teams or individually using TFS for source control
  • First-time source control users
  • Individuals coming from other source control systems
  • Individuals who have had basic exposure to TFS but want to take advantage of more advanced features

What You'll Learn

  • Connect to TFS servers
  • Work with existing code
  • Add and change code
  • Analyze past changes made to code
  • Branch and merge different versions of a codebase
  • Secure access to your code
  • Use different types of tools to work with source control

Course Outline

  1. Common TFS source control processes
  2. Visual Studio Interface for TFS
  3. Working with TFS workspaces
  4. Branching and TFS configuration
  5. TFS Power Tools


A basic familiarity with the Visual Studio IDE is recommended but not required.