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Basics of STL in C++

Learn to use standard collections and algorithms.

GK# 5237

Course Overview


Creating production ready data structures that manage collections of objects and utilities to sort, search and otherwise manipulate elements in those collections is a project in itself that most developers don’t have time to undertake. You need to spend your time writing the business logic for your application. 

C++ provides several collection classes and algorithms as part of the standard library that you can use to manage your objects. This section of the standard library is often referred to as the STL.


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What You'll Learn

  • Migrate code to use standard containers
  • Choose the correct STL container
  • Replace raw loops with more efficient and descriptive algorithms
  • Search, sort, partition, copy and transform elements in containers with algorithms


Viewing outline for:

GK Digital Learning Outline

  1. Manage In-Memory Data with STL Sequence Containers
  2. Manage in-Memory Data with STL Associative Containers
  3. Generically Access STL Collections through Iterators
  4. Manipulate STL Collections with Algorithms



Solid understanding of C++

Who Should Attend


C++ developers who want to expand their knowledge of the STL

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