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Getting Started with C#

Learn to get started building applications in Visual Studio with the C# programming language.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with C# and Visual Studio, beginning with compiling your first console application. This course walks you through the basics of working with strings (that is, text) and numeric values. You will learn to execute functionality that is provided in 3rd party libraries as well as how to write your own methods. Classes, including class methods and properties are introduced, along with “enum” value types. You will learn to handle exceptions – those unexpected conditions that your code would not otherwise know how to handle. Finally you will learn to create your own class library, which allows you to share your code across multiple projects.

GK# 5222
Vendor Credits:
  • Global Knowledge Delivered Course
  • Training Exclusives
  • GSA Eligible
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Who Should Attend?

Software developers who want to learn C# and Visual Studio

What You'll Learn

  1. Compile a command-line program
  2. Format strings for output
  3. Display numeric values
  4. Call code in other assemblies
  5. Write and call methods
  6. Organize your code into classes
  7. Simplify your classes with properties
  8. Simplify your code with enums
  9. Handle exceptions
  10. Create a class library

Course Outline

  1. Compile a Command-Line Program
  2. Format Strings for Output
  3. Display Numeric Values
  4. Call Code in Other Assemblies
  5. Write and Call Methods
  6. Organize Your Code into Classes
  7. Simplify Your Classes with Properties
  8. Simplify Your Code with Enums
  9. Handle Exceptions
  10. Create a Class Library


  • An understanding of computer programming
  • Ability to work with files and install software on a Windows computer

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