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Linux on Azure: Up and Running

Exclusive – Get the experience you need to start running Linux workloads in Azure.

GK# 4964

Course Overview


In this course you will learn the basics of provisioning, managing and monitoring Linux resources in Azure through hands-on challenges. The course provides Linux professionals with experience using Azure tools, provisioning and managing Linux virtual machines in Azure, and configuring Azure networking. Upon successfully completing the challenges in this course you will have the skills required to provision, manage, and access Linux-based resources in Azure.

For each topic in the course, our experts explain key concepts in high quality videos. Then we'll give you a real-world challenge, where you'll solve problems and implement solutions using real tools. If you have trouble or can't figure something out, we provide you all the support you need: demonstration videos, tips and tricks, and step-by-step procedures to get the job done.

After you complete each challenge, you can validate your work by looking at an example solution or submitting your work for expert review. If you submit your work you will receive feedback letting you know what skills you have successfully mastered and where you may need further work. This feedback will drive your next step: you can return to the challenge and work on it some more, or confidently move on to the next challenge.


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What You'll Learn

  • Provision Azure resources using the Azure portal and Azure CLI tools
  • Provision virtual machines, virtual networks, and Azure storage
  • Provision an Azure virtual machine based on a custom image
  • Implement Azure resource groups
  • Manage an Azure subscription
  • Manage and monitor Azure resources
  • Manage security through Network Security Groups
  • Access resources hosted in Azure
  • Use Azure deployment templates
  • Provision VPN gateways
  • Establish a connection through VPN gateways


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

1. Introduction to Linux on Azure

  • Cloud technology overview
  • Azure infrastructure review
  • Introduction to challenge-based learning
  • Challenge: Completing a challenge

2. Evaluate Azure Tools

  • Azure portals
  • Azure command line tools
  • Challenge: Evaluate and Recommend Azure Management Tools
  • Reflection: Evaluate and Recommend Azure Management Tools

3. Provision Development Servers in Azure

  • Plan VM workloads
  • VM elements
  • Compare Linux on-premises and Azure
  • Challenge: Provision Development Servers in Azure
  • Reflection: Provision Development Servers in Azure

4. Extend an On-premises Network into Azure

  • Basic virtual networking model
  • Networking components
  • Virtual network connections
  • Challenge: Extend an On-premises Network into Azure
  • Reflection: Extend an On-premises Network into Azure


Viewing labs for:

On-Demand Labs

Lab 1: Evaluate and Recommend Azure Management Tools

  • Provision Azure resources using the Azure Portal
  • Provision Azure resources using the Azure CLI tools
  • Verify connectivity to Azure resources and monitor Azure resources

Lab 2: Provision Development Servers in Azure

  • Provision a standard development environment
  • Provision a development messaging server
  • Duplicate an on-premises server in Azure

Lab 3: Extend an On-Premises Network into Azure

  • Provision the simulated on-premises network
  • Provision the file server virtual network
  • Connect the virtual networks and test the file share



A basic understanding of virtual machines helpful but not required.

Prior to taking this course you should know the following:

  • How to use a Linux-based client operating system
  • How to provision Linux-based servers (either physical or virtual)
  • How to use a Windows-based client operating system
  • The basics of networking such as network addresses and ports

Who Should Attend

  • Linux professionals responsible for managing workloads that are migrating to the cloud
  • Linux developers who are working on cloud-based solutions or want to take advantage of the cloud for building applications
  • System architects responsible for designing cloud-based Linux solutions
  • Decision makers who need hands-on experience using Azure based infrastructure

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Course Delivery

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Duration: 6 hours

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