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Cisco CCNA Data Center Boot Camp (Accelerated)

Our accelerated CCNA DC Boot Camp is an intensive program, designed to help you achieve your CCNA DC certification in a reduced period of time. To maximize your classroom experience and ensure that you get a comprehensive coverage of the CCNA DC materials, our two-step, blended learning approach to the CCNA DC Boot Camp consists of: Pre-Class Activity and Classroom Instruction.
The Pre-Class Activity provides you with approximately ten hours of review materials and exercises, all of which is designed to give you a firm foundation and get you focused before you enter the classroom.
Classroom Instruction includes intensive instructor-led training and hands-on labs, content in the course will introduce delegates to the three primary technologies that are used in the Cisco Data Center. The introductory level of knowledge that is taught in these courses is aimed at individuals that will be perfor ming only the more basic configuration tasks. The labs will focus on viewing configurations, as opposed to making configuration changes or creating new topologies. Cisco technologies that are deployed in the Data Center : unified computing, unified fabric, and network services. Students will only learn how to perform the more basic configuration tasks. Labs will focus on verifying configurations, with selected exercises involving making configuration changes or designing new topologies.

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