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Pragmatic Kanban Foundation (incl. exam)

Looking for Agile IT Operations? Pragmatic Kanban Foundation might just be what you're looking for.

In this new millennium, the world is not only changing at lightning speed; it’s still increasing. New technology streaming has already had a huge impact on the way we communicate with one another. Being able to work in an Agile manner and adopting techniques such as lean working is becoming vital to organizational survival. There are many lean and Agile approaches in place for different ways of working and different sizes of organizations. At the moment (2020), the most popular approach is scrum. Although this approach works well for most organizations with teams working on “change”, Scrum is not sufficient if teams are working on “run” or both issues at the same time. A clear example here is an IT Development team is working on “change” while an IT Operations team is working on “run”, or an IT DevOps team working on both. Or a Business Operation team is combining work on the call center, analyzing, reporting etcetera. Pragmatic Kanban can be more helpful in facilitating this type of work. Kanban can function in a much broader sense and is then of greater value to an organization in these instances. Kanban can also help an organization to get a feel for Agile and gradually ease them into an organizational way of Agile working, while still benefitting from a combination of proven lean practices with cross-team collaboration.


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1 Cursussen gevonden

    • Methode Klassikale training
    • Datum 28-29 november, 2023
    • Locatie Amsterdam ARISTO (Teleportboulevard 100)


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