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API's, Microservices, Cloud-Native en Serverless

In this APIs, Microservices, Cloud-native – Docker and Serverless training you will learn the latest trends in software development. If you develop your own software or outsource software development, the question remains: which design pattern to choose? What are the differences, the advantages, and disadvantages?

You will learn the best practices for software design, evolved from Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), from APIs to Microservices. Influenced by the Cloud we now have Cloud-native application deployment / installation methods like containers / Docker / Service Mesh and an immutable (unchangeable) infrastructure (throw away and install again). Finally, you can choose for Serverless, with management of infrastructure and middleware completely in control of the Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

This training is also part of the 5-day Masterclass Digital Transformation (GKMDT)


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    • Datum 11 september, 2024
    • Locatie Virtueel-en-klassikaal


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    • Datum 08 november, 2024
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