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TOGAF Certification Course Elearning

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This fully accredited online course offers everything you need to pursue TOGAF 9.2 Certification. The TOGAF business enterprise architecture framework is world-renowned, and our course can help you pass the Foundation (level 1) and Certified (level 2) examinations on your first attempt!

Students will receive 12 months of access to this course, as well as a FREE combined exam voucher. This course has been accredited by The Open Group and meets all the learning requirements of the latest version of TOGAF (9.2) in order for students to sit and pass the TOGAF Foundation and Certified level exams.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to pass the TOGAF Foundation and Certified exams in quick succession in order to become a fully qualified TOGAF 9.2 Practitioner. Many students prefer this combined approach, as it means less time and money spent on training.


  • The different levels of architecture outlined by the TOGAF ADM

  • The ADM phases in development and Architecture Governance of an Enterprise Architecture

  • The TOGAF Architecture Content Framework and the concept of Building Blocks

  • The Stakeholder Management Technique and TOGAF Content Metamodel

  • The TOGAF standard’s recommended techniques for developing enterprise architectures

  • The TOGAF Technical Reference Model, including how to customize it to meet the needs of a specific organization

  • The content of the ADM cycle’ key deliverables and the purpose of the Architecture Repository

  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model

  • Inhoud

    • Foundation Module 1: Introductio
    • Foundation Module 2: The Core Concepts of TOGAF 9
    • Foundation Module 3: The Architecture Development Method (ADM)
    • Foundation Module 4: Architecture Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholders
    • Foundation Module 5: The Concept of Building Blocks
    • Foundation Module 6: The Key Deliverables of the ADM Cycle
    • Foundation Module 7: The Enterprise Continuum
    • Foundation Module 8: The Architecture Repository
    • Foundation Module 9: The TOGAF Reference Models
    • Foundation Module 10: Architecture Governance and the ADM
    • Certified Module 1: Preliminary Phase
    • Certified Module 2: Architecture Governance
    • Certified Module 3: Business Scenarios Techniques
    • Certified Module 4: Phase A: Architecture Vision
    • Certified Module 5: Architecture Content Framework
    • Certified Module 6: Stakeholder Management
    • Certified Module 7: TOGAF Content Metamodel
    • Certified Module 8: Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
    • Certified Module 9: Phase B: Business Architecture
    • Certified Module 10: Phase C: Information Systems Architectures - Data Architecture
    • Certified Module 11: Phase C: Information Systems Architectures - Application Architecture
    • Certified Module 12: TOGAF Foundation Architecture: The Technical Reference Model
    • Certified Module 13: Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model (level 2)
    • Certified Module 14: Phase D: Technology Architecture
    • Certified Module 15: Migration Planning Techniques
    • Certified Module 16: Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
    • Certified Module 17: Phase F: Migration Planning
    • Certified Module 18: Phase G: Implementation Governance
    • Certified Module 19: Phase H: Architecture Change Management
    • Certified Module 20: ADM Architecture Change Management
    • Certified Module 21: Architecture Partitioning
    • Certified Module 22: Architecture Repository
    • Certified Module 23: Guidelines for Adapting the ADM Iteration and Levels
    • Certified Module 24: Adapting the ADM: Security
    • Certified Module 25: Architecture Maturity Models
    • Certified Module 26: Architecture Skills Framework
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