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Management & Leadership Effectiveness

Today's businesses face intense competition that must be met with flattened organizational hierarchies, multi-dimensional teams, and a diverse working environment. Companies must turn to active, high-performing leaders who can motivate and guide employees in the right direction. Studies confirm that the leadership provided by managers is the prime factor in creating a productive work environment and in contributing to higher employee engagement and retention.

Our management and leadership effectiveness programs can help your supervisors, managers, and leaders of tomorrow empower, coach, and motivate employees to execute your organization's strategy and help it meet its goals.

  • Active Leadership
  • Sales Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Interviewing and Selection

Leading with Impact Program

Executing on business results is imperative. Learn, grow and perform better with the research-based Leading with Impact courses. Modern design and content combines key leadership characteristics and competencies which when practiced together result in leading with greater impact.

  • Understanding Your Leadership Profile
  • Motivate for Full Engagement
  • Fundamentals of Communication
  • Delegate for Results
  • Fundamentals of Feedback
  • Leadership Foundations