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Delivery Formats

Explore our online and in-person options to get the training you need and the flexibility you want

Choose from our convenient delivery formats to get the training you and your team need — where, when and how you want it. Whether it’s in a classroom or online, public or private, synchronous or asynchronous, Global Knowledge has a delivery option to match your needs and preferences. Our course delivery formats enable you to balance your schedule while gaining real-world, relevant skills in a stimulating environment.

Learn more about our course delivery formats and how each supports your training goals, learning needs and budget.


Our expert instructors and hands-on labs provide results-oriented, classroom training. We offer public dates at a wide variety of locations. Courses are run by experienced practitioners and many of them lead to external qualifications for delegates.

If a public training schedule course is not available, we will work with you to provide a private company training alternative, at a Global Knowledge office or at your location.

Virtual Classroom Live

Anywhere, anytime, almost any technology or business training topic, taught by expert instructors, the Global Knowledge Virtual Classroom Live learning experience is unlike anything you've seen before.

At Global Knowledge, we offer a range of flexible Virtual Classroom Live delivery formats to help you choose when and how you want your learning viaV&C Select™ (Virtual learning & Classroom learning).

Blended Live

Build your skills with the best of both worlds. Blended Live from Global Knowledge combines the expert direction of instructor-led training and the flexibility of on-demand learning and will enable you to close critical skills gaps more effectively while maintaining your day to day responsibilities.

GK Digital Learning

Experience online learning that blends the best of e-learning and instructor-led training. GK Digital Learning provides on-demand access to authorised content, reinforcement exercises and labs, as well as connections with subject matter experts.

Together in a feature-rich environment, providing access to industry-validated content and a variety of reinforcement resources that ensure your success, whether you need a single course or access to a collection of courses.

Class-Connect™ HD

Providing quality instructor led experiences whilst reducing travel and subsistence costs are key focus areas at present whether the customer driver is time, cost or the green agenda!

This is particularly challenging in certain geographical regions or where the course is niche and the numbers requiring the course to run are limited. In these situations, without travel and associated expenses, customers are forced to look at expedient modalities such as e-learning or virtual deliveries, where they exist, to address an immediate requirement.

Check out the full range of training courses available.