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WHITE PAPER: 8 tips to secure your Microsoft Teams environment

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  • Dato: April 07, 2022



Microsoft Teams is a versatile messaging app and workspace for real-time communication and collaboration.
Video meetings, file and app sharing, and messaging: Microsoft Teams brings all of these functionalities
together in one open place that is accessible to everyone within (and even to people of your choosing outside)
your organisation. 90% of users state that Teams simplifies group work and facilitates shorter and more
focused meetings.

The shift to remote working, partially fueled and definitely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has
created an explosion of demand for Teams and other remote communication and collaboration tools. Many
organisations were forced to adopt and roll out Teams very rapidly to adapt to the new workspace reality and
keep operations and communications flowing smoothly. However, due to the often high adoption speed, many
organisations deployed Teams without proper governance or security in place, leaving them vulnerable to a
growing number of internal and external threats.

Security should be a top priority if Microsoft Teams plays an important role within your organisation. In this
white paper, we will provide you with eight useful tips to adequately secure your Teams environment. Use
them to your advantage to reap the benefits of Teams in a safe manner!

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8 tips to secure your Microsoft Teams environment


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